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Nfinity IL|12t (illist)

Ultra light basketball shoe designed specifically for women



These ultra light basketball shoes are created specifically for females. The Nfinity IL|12T (Illist) was created with female specific BioniQ technology that supports your feet and enhances your performance on the court. Designed with true 5/4 top for enhanced ankle support and strategically placed herringbone patterns to support hard cuts and quick change of direction.

  • 10.1oz One of the lightest shoes in its category!
  • BioniQ™ Technology to help guide and support the foot in an ergonomic performance enhancing position during pivots, jumping, and landing
  • QChannel™ Technology to help center the foot & weight when playing
  • Signature Blue Nfintity shoe case
  • NfiniGuard™ TPU reinforced toe guard provides shoe durability and protects the toes during serving and diving
  • NfiniLock™ keeps the arch locked in position and the foot secure during lateral blocking movements or backcourt shuffling
  • Forefoot Cross-flex grooves on the sole for optimal flexibility when changing speeds and directions
  • NfiniGrip Gum Rubber with herringbone pattern on the sole for optimal traction
  • Active Ankle Heel lining protects the shoe from wear and tear from the use of ankle braces