December 2, 2023

2023 Louisiana State Cheerleading Championship

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 2023 Louisiana State Cheerleading Championship 

Thank you so much for interest in joining us for the 2023 Louisiana State Cheerleading Championship, presented by Nfinity! We are excited to showcase the best cheer teams in the state of Louisiana and crown some state champions! Our innaugural state championship will take place at the beautiful CajunDome convention center in Lafayette! This will provide an awesome experience and atmosphere so that every athlete feels like a state champion!


Like other sports in Louisiana, all school divisions will be broken up by squad AND school sizes! High school divisions will be broken up by school football divisions (divisions I-IV). For middle school/junior high, they'll be broken up by school size (Class A and B), and rec teams will go with the affiliated and non-affiliated.


We hope all school and rec teams in Louisiana can join us for an epic competition, and we can crown Louisiana State Champions!


Saturday, December 2

CajunDome & Convention Center

444 Cajundome Blvd

Lafayette, LA 70506



Competition Details


For only $49 per athlete entry fee, give your athletes a great competition experience that includes the following:

  • PRODUCTION! The production level your athletes deserve to have at a state championship. A 20' x 60' backdrop with LED boards will be put up with a professional sound system for music. 
  • Athlete and coaches souvenir patch for everyone who attends!
  • High School divisions broken up by school size (Division I & II, Division III & IV) and by squad size (Small: 5-15 athletes, Medium: 16-19 athletes, Large: 20-23 athletes, Extra Large: 24-30 athletes).
  • Middle School/Junior High divisions broken up by school size (Class A and B), and by squad size (Small: 5-16 athletes, Large: 17-30 athletes).  
  • Want to compete both traditional and game day?! Only $25 per crossover fee! 
  • Team banners for 1st - 3rd place teams.
  • Gold medals for state champions! 
  • State champions will get a 20% discount on a Nfinity team order that they can use in the next 12 months! 2nd and 3rd place teams get 15% off. EVERYONE who registers will get a 10% discount (must be a full team order and can only be used once within 12 months)
  • State champions will receive a partial paid bid to attend The Junior High Cheerleading Championships taking place in Arlington, TX on Dec. 9-10, 2023 (middle school & junior high only), AND The America's Cheerleading Cup Championship at Universal Studios Orlando taking place on Feb. 10-11, 2024!
  • Teams that score high enough will receive invitations and/or partial paid bids to both The Junior High Cheerleading Championship and The America's Cheerleading Cup Championship! 
  • Registered alternates and coaches attend for FREE!
  • CheerABILITIES teams exhibition for FREE!
  • Every team will get a recording of their performance.
  • Choose a run out song! 
  • Quality judges provided for the best scoring and feedback.  
  • Nfinity pop up store will be on-site!
  • All routines and teams will be required to follow NFHS/USA Cheer rules and guidelines. 


If you have any questions, please contact our director of scholastic programming, Steve Solberg, at


Thank you again and we will see you soon!