Nfinity is the official Cheer and Dance partner of Famer, a youth coaching and mentoring App committed to building athletes by giving them access to world class coaches. Famer provides an interactive platform for athletes, coaches and parents that entails a customized coaching experience, personal training programs, and interactive feedback. 

On the App athletes will receive a scheduled training program from their selected coach. This program will consist of pre-made videos from the coaches video library or videos that were added to the library specifically for that athlete. Once the athletes view and complete the workout they can send a video of themselves completing the drill for the coach to provide interactive feedback on. This allows the athletes to track their progress and meet their goals faster than before. 

Famer does NOT have a live video feature.


When a Player Signs Up

Your athlete will received a personalized welcome message that will ask them to respond with some training information that will include the following:

       -Athletes level in tumbling, stunt, and jumps 

      - Skills and other performance elements that the athletes is currently struggling with

      - The goals that they want to achieve through Nfinity training 

      - What equipment and space the athletes has access too 

From This information your athlete and coach will establish some goals together! 

Distribution of Training Materials- The Video Library

From the training inquiry message your athletes coach will then start to put together a personalized training program to help your athlete reach their goals. Your athletes will receive this information from the coaches skill, drill and exercises library that they will pick based on the needs of your athlete. 

Training Phase

Each week the coach will send your athlete a new training program. This training program will consist of customized training videos with specific time, reps and instructions. Each workout will include multiple videos. More than one workout can be scheduled per week. 

Player Deliverable 

With every workout assigned the coach has the option to request a progress video from one of the drill assignments that the athlete’s received. The athlete will send their coach back a video of them completing the drill skill or exercise. The athlete will mark the rest of the workout done. 

End of Week

The Coach will then provide instructional and positive feedback for the videos they receive from the athlete. This feedback will include a feature that simulates real time correction that the athletes are used to.  Based on the progress of that week your coach will then schedule next week's training sessions.


1.  Go to the sign up page on our website
2.  Choose your coach
3.  Click sign up now
4.  Sign GUI
5.  Download the “Famer” App
6.  Create your profile
7.  Choose Nfinity as your organization
8.  Choose your coach and add payment
9.  Click send request
10. Once your coach accepts your request you can start training!


Nfinity is committed to your child's safety. 

Kids under the age of 13 can not have access alone to the app. Parents must create an account for them and the account must be owned by the parents. In addition parents can download the famer App and log in with their children's credentials to view all features on the App.

Famer does NOT have a live video feature.


The app is monthly subscription based. Each coach sets their own price. Prices will be found in the App next to the coaches profile.


“Famer is proud to exclusively partner with Nfinity Athletics in the Cheer and Dance category. Nfinity's commitment to innovation and being a first mover especially as it relates to digital training is something that will give its athletes a competitive advantage and its high-end professional coaches an opportunity to further engage and earn by digitally training aspiring athletes.  We know that this partnership is a game changer for Famer, Nfinity, and the cheer/dance industry and see an incredibly exciting opportunity to do something that has never been done before in a simple yet powerful way.” Rich Abend, Co-Founder & CEO - Famer

“The National Basketball Players Association partnered with Famer to create a grassroots program that  consists of innovative, live and online basketball and life skill development experiences, designed for youth to learn, have fun, and maximize their potential, both on and off the court”- Dan Gladstone SVP Grassroots Basketball and Business Development | NBPA