There are coaches out there who don't own their own gyms, but dedicate themselves completely to yours. They are the second-in-command, and they deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.

Behind every gym owner, there is a great coach. They're the first person in, and often the last person out. They remember every athlete's name - not because they have to - but because each individual matters to them. They are who you go to when you have problems, and they always have the right answers. They work tirelessly to promote the gym, it’s mission, and your success. These people bring energy to a practice with positivity and, when necessary, constructive criticism.
They were there for your first standing tuck, and they will be there for your last.
A Regent expects you to do your best, because they give you their best.

A Regent tells you that YOU CAN, so that YOU WILL.

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