Rommel Osuna was a competitive cheerleader at Rutgers University and currently serves in the armed forces. He has been in the US Army for over 16 years and in 2009 he became a drill sergeant. In the Army he currently trains individuals to become well-disciplined as well as physically and mentally tough soldiers. He has spoken in several conferences around the world sharing his passion for tumbling in Canada, Finland and France with Spring CDT. 


Rommel has also had the opportunity to become the lead instructor for Nfinity GenNext in Georgia, US and Sydney, Australia. In 2010 he joined the World Cup family, where he currently stands as one of the program’s tumbling directors. He is the head tumbling instructor for all of World cup’s elite teams including Twinkles, Starlites and 6x world champions Shooting Stars. His ability to spot, attention to detail and the mental toughness he instills in his athletes make him unparalleled.