The Nfinity America's Cheerleading Cup is a new endeavor for scholastic cheerleading competitions. With top of the line production, quality videos of every performance, coaches and athlete gifts, and Nfinity gear galore- your team will finally get the competition experience you deserve.

All division winners from our trial events will automatically be considered for the championship cup. Once the trials have concluded, the top 15 routines from this year, in addition to the top five teams from last year's ACC, will battle it out for the 2022 America's Cheerleading Cup!

Get ready to experience something new in scholastic cheerleading. The America's Cheerleading Cup. Tradition Reinvented. 


Cheerleading is meant to be inclusive. Through the addition of The America's Cup, Nfinity Athletic is welcoming scholastic cheerleaders around the world into the already vibrant and vast cheerleading community. The America's Cup is aimed to reinvent tradition, while celebrating the best Middle and High School teams in the country.

the candy berry story

In this ACC feature story, Nfinity follows the story of the legendary Candy Berry, Greenup County High School cheerleading coach.

home of the champions

Nfinity follows the story of the Bartow High School cheerleading program and their success on and off the mat.

Gymnast turned cheerleader

Nfinity follows the story of Westmoore High School's Claire Flores and her journey from elite level 10 gymnast to Varsity cheerleader.

hard work pays off

Nfinity follows the story of Graves County's Lincoln Harris and his daily life that includes working on his family's farm, school, cheerleading, and football.