Nfinity Skills Academy - Another Tradition Reinvented.

This summer, Nfinity will once again be doing private skills camps around the country and we are looking for the most talented current and former cheerleaders to JOIN OUR STAFF and the Nfinity family! Do YOU have what it takes?!

‼️ you must be 19 years of age and one year removed from high school to apply ‼️


Nfinity Skills Academy offers custom choreography and skills camp packages to meet the needs of every school or allstar program! Our instructors are highly trained and experienced. See our custom packages below and determine the best fit for your program!

Contact Steve Solberg at Steve@nfinity.com for more information

October 29, 2022

The Stingray Allstars West Chester - 4985 Provident Drive, West Chester Township, OH 45246

Two Sessions Offered - Coed and All-Girl offered for both.

Terrence Hughes

I am from Tuscaloosa AL, and I used to cheer for ACE warriors all-stars. I went to Shelton State and while I was there we won 2 national championships. I am currently cheering for the University of Alabama. I have been coaching at Ace for almost 6 years. I'm looking forward to working with nfinity because of the opportunities from such a great company and brand.

Trinity Valley Community College

Hi my name is Abby Hamilton, I am from Lubbock Texas! I have been cheering for fourteen years and am a two time NCA champion as well as a bronze world champion. I recently cheered on Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal Court and am currently cheering at Trinity Valley.  I am so excited to work with nfinity and share my love for this sport with everyone! Some of my favorite skills are a one to full and a back handspring up


Hello, my name is Alyssa Mellace and I am from Blackwood, New Jersey and currently cheer at Wilmington University. I have 17 years of cheerleading experience, 15 years in All-Star cheerleading and 3 years in college cheerleading. So far in my cheerleading career, I have won Summit, placed second and third at UCA College Nationals, and qualified for NCA Partner Stunt! I am extremely excited to teach for Nfinity because I love helping people achieve their goals in the sport they love! My favorite skills to perform are back handspring double ups and front 1.5s!!


I am from Phoenix, Arizona and I have been cheering for 16 years. I cheered at California All Stars, American Elite, and Pacific Coast Magic (PCM). I am currently cheering in college at TVCC. I am so excited to meet so many people and create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. My favorite skills to perform are one to ones, handspring double ups and whip arabian's. 


I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I began All-Star cheerleading at Fire and Ice when I was three years old. I had the chance to compete on every level at least once, starting with tiny’s, and I competed at Worlds for the first time in the 2014-2015 season. I also had the opportunity to coach a few teams and flyer classes throughout my years at Fire and Ice. My first year on the Morehead State University coed team was the 2021-2022 season. I am very excited to teach for Nfinity this summer because I love sharing my knowledge and helping athletes reach their goals. My favorite skills to perform are ball x full baskets, one arms, and front-handspring one and a half to immediate heel stretch.


My name is Chloe Maher. I am from Wilmington, Delaware and attend/cheer at Morehead State University. With MSU I have won 2 UCA National titles & have qualified twice for partner stunt. My favorite skills involve almost anything with spins - especially double ups. I'm excited to be a part of the Nfinity team for many reasons. Most important being working with knowledgeable staff and athletes to help evolve and promote the industry.

Morehead State University
Frankie Giangregorio

My names Francesca Giangregorio and I’m from Boston Massachusetts. I cheered for East celebrity elite and am currently cheering for morehead state university I’m excited to teach elites and help athletes learn new skills! My favorite skills are hand and hands and back full ups coed and all-girl.

Morehead State University
Gavin Runkle

I originally represented the University of Kansas (2012, 2013, 2015), earning 4th place at 2015 UCA college nationals. I then moved on to represent Morehead State, earning two National Championships at UCA college nationals in 2020 & 2022. I have also represented Team USA, earning 1st at ICU Worlds 2021. I have had the opportunity to coach at all star, high school, and collegiate levels; earning a National Championship at 2021 UCA High school Nationals and 2018 NAIA College Nationals. I have been instructing coed & groups stunting for 10 years as well as specialty and full twisting tumbling for 7 years. I am excited to be apart of the Nfinity team because the foundational values of the company align with my personal virtues.

Morehead State University
James Lockwood

I am from Downingtown PA and I cheered for 3 years at Downingtown West High School. I am now in my second year of cheering for Morehead State university. I have won two National titles, one D1 title with morehead state, and one high school gameday title. I am super excited to get to work for Nfinity and get to teach the next generation of cheerleaders.

Trinity Valley Community College
Kat Miller

Hi I’m Kat Miller! I’m from Arkansas and I did all-star cheer at Cheer Time Revolution. I now cheer in college at Trinity Valley. I’m very excited to share my passion for cheerleading and help athletes reach their goals. Some favorite skills of mine are hand in hands and cupies as a coed girl base!

Western Kentucky University
Makayla Bizzell

My name is Makayla Bizzell and I am from Mt. Juliet Tennessee.  I have cheered for allstar and school teams all my life and now I am on the coed team at Western Kentucky University!  This year, we won at UCA Nationals in the Small Coed D1A division and I also had the opportunity to compete in UCA partner stunt and placed 4th.  I am so excited to teach for Nfinity as I can share my love for cheerleading with future collegiate athletes!  My favorite skill is a one arm rewind!

Western Kentucky University
Nick Jansen

My name is Nick Jansen and I am from Hernando, Mississippi. I started all-star cheer in high school moved on to cheer at Ole Miss and now currently cheer at Western Kentucky University! I won at UCA nationals this past year in the Small Coed D1A and have compete partner stunt twice, once at Ole Miss and placed 4th this year at WKU. I am excited to be a part of staff this summer to work with many talented people and to spread my love for cheerleading. My favorite skill is between a Back  Handspring Double Up or a One arm rewind.

Trinity Valley Community College
Stormy Barron

Hi, I am Stormy. My home town is Bryan,Texas. I started All Star Cheer when I was 6 years old. I've had the privilege to cheer on World teams at Prodigy All Stars, Spirit of Texas, and Woodlands Elite. Currently I cheer at TVCC! Go cards! One of my greatest accomplishments was winning Worlds with Blacklight in 2018! Working for Nfinity is a dream come true! Everyone knows Nfinity cheer shoes are a flyers best friend! I look forward to sharing my passion for Cheer.  To say I love coed stunting is an understatement! I can't wait to teach you about coed stunting and watch you hit new skills. My favorite coed stunts are handskis and front-handspring 1&1/2 ups.  I also enjoy group stunts like back-handspring ups and rewinds.

Morehead State University
Sarah Allison

I am from Cynthiana, KY. I have cheered for Harrison County Middle and High school and now currently cheer at Morehead State University. Accomplishments that I’ve had during my cheer career is 2022 coed D1 National Champs. I’m so excited to teach for Nfinity this summer because I get the opportunity to meet new people and experience so many new things!

Morehead State University
Thomie Griffin

I’m from Joliet Illinois I cheered at Joliet central for two years my junior and senior year.  From 2012-2014 then I converted to Allstar cheer. I cheered and coached at Gymtyme IL For 6 years. In 2020 I went to college at Dodge city community college in Kansas. It was a First year team and we ended up winning Daytona in the junior college small coed advanced division. In 2021 I transferred to Morehead state in Kentucky and won. I plan on cheering there the next few years. I’m excited to work for Nfinity because every since I started cheer I’ve always wanted to work cheer camps And why not work for the best cheer company in the world . My favorite skills to perform are a standing full and a hand in hand


I’m from Erie, PA. I currently Cheer in Delaware at Wilmington University. I have been cheering for 7 years now. I won one high school state championship in 2017. I also won 2 back to back UCA college national championships in 2018 & 2019. I'm excited to teach coed because I never had a male coach to help me progress and teach me the technique, I want to be that person I never had for others. My favorite skills are back handspring double ups, front 1 1/2, handskis, and one to ones.

Andre Arias

Hi!! My name is Andrea arias I’m from Arkansas. I’m cheering at Trinity Valley and am so excited to work with Nfinity. This is would be a great opportunity for me to express my love for cheer and to teach other athletes. I hope to accomplish many skills and goals with them.

Purdue University
Alexa Couch

I am from Columbiana, Alabama and was a cheerleader at Shelby County High School and competed on ACE Warriors where I went to majors every year and worlds and placed top 4. I am currently on the Purdue University Coed team. I am excited to teach for nfinity to help other people reach their potential and be able to experience cheer at the highest level. My favorite skill to perform are baskets!

Morehead State University
Frankie Capilets

My name is Francesca Capilets but everyone calls me Frankie! I am from Long Island, New York. I am currently on The Morehead State All Girl cheerleading team. I previously cheer at Hauppauge High School. I am also on the 2022 USA Premier All Girl National team. I recently just won the UCA Group Stunt National Championship in 2022. I am super excited to be working with Nfinity this summer and share my knowledge with all of the campers. I can’t wait to work along side some of the greatest cheerleaders in the world coaching amazing athletes. I cannot pick just one of my favorite stunts to preform so my top 2 are a front aerial 1 1/2 up and a full twisting rewind.

Purdue university
Maggie Theriot

Hello! My name is Maggie Theriot, I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana and currently attend Purdue University. I have competing in the all-star world of cheerleading for 12 seasons and have competed at the Cheerleading Worlds for 6 of those years.; in fact I won Worlds in 2019 with my team, Indiana Ultimate Insanity! I am finishing my first year on the all-girl team at Purdue University and am looking forward for the years to come! This leads me into my favorite skills that I Iike to perform; back-handspring ups, high to high full arounds, Arabian through to full (dead floor) and one and a half through to double (spring floor).  I am super excited to teach for Nfinity this Summer because having to opportunity to pass on the knowledge that my past coaches have taught me to the new generation of cheerleaders to help them reach their potential!