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Introducing the Nfinity EVOLUTION, the ultimate cheerleading shoe designed to propel you to new heights of performance and comfort. Whether you're executing complex stunts or delivering high-energy routines, the Evolution is your partner in achieving competition excellence.

  • Unrivaled Flexibility: The Evolution's low-profile design and carefully selected materials—a perfect blend of leather, silk, and mesh—provide superior flexibility, allowing you to move with ease and grace.

  • Form-Fitting Comfort: Experience a 'slipper-esque' fit that molds to your foot, providing unparalleled comfort and support throughout your performance.

  • Lightweight and Energized: At just 6.5 oz, the Evolution is incredibly lightweight, ensuring that you feel energized and ready to take on any challenge.

  • Secure and Stable: The interlocking lacing system and bubble laces keep your feet securely in place, giving you the confidence to execute even the most demanding stunts and routines.

  • Built to Last: The Evolution is engineered with durability in mind, featuring reinforced high-wear areas that won't compromise the integrity of the shoe or your performance.

  • Traction You Can Trust: The natural rubber outsole provides excellent grip and traction on any surface, ensuring that you maintain your footing and stability throughout your routine.

  • Elevate Your Style: With its sleek design and eye-catching details, the Evolution is not just a performance shoe; it's a fashion statement that reflects your unique style and personality.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose the Nfinity EVOLUTION and experience the perfect combination of flexibility, support, and style. Harness the power of the Evolution and take your cheerleading performance to new heights. Order now and step into the future of cheerleading footwear!

Size & Fit

  • DO NOT order your normal size.
  • Please use the size chart above to find sizing, our shoes run very small and you will need to measure first to get an idea of what size to order. 
  • Nfinifit in heel and arch provide a snug fit
  • SKU: NF-1003

Details & Care

  • 6.5 oz
  • Interlocking lacing system
  • Low profile design to improve flexibility and performance
  • Bubble laces for security
  • Upper Material: Leather + Silk + Mesh
  • Outsole: Natural Rubber